In addition to his litigation and tax controversy practice, Mr. Ketcham is a seasoned investigator and is accredited as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a global credential that requires specialized expertise related to forensic accounting and audit methods; fraud schemes; organizational internal controls to deter and detect fraud; applicable EU legal principals; interview and evidence-gathering techniques; occupational fraud; fraud risk assessment; and theories of criminology.   Mr. Ketcham is an associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. 

Mr. Ketcham's investigative work has involved internal corporate investigations related to contract fraud, wage and hour labor violations, tax promoter schemes, elder financial abuse, confirmation fraud schemes, workplace misconduct, payroll tax manipulation, offshore nominee entity structures, and double-book accounting cases.  These assignments often involve intensive document review and analysis, asset tracing, OSINT analysis, financial transfer analysis, employee and management interviews, corporate research and intelligence and review of corporate information technologies.  Some assignments have been related to uncovering prior internal fraud or misconduct (often with subsequent presentations to law enforcement or regulatory agencies) while other projects have involved reviewing internal controls and procedures to ensure security and ethnical best practices (often with subsequent presentations or reports to management with recommendations for improved compliance and/or risk mitigation).

For most investigation projects, Mr. Ketcham assembles a team of professionals that often include forensic and corporate accountants, tax return preparers, cybersecurity experts, former IRS agents and civil or commercial litigation counsel.  Doing so provides the client with both fact-based and potential legal options perspectives.


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