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Investigations & White Collar Defense

Investigations & White Collar Defense

Mr. Ketcham has extensive experience representing individuals in all manner of white-collar cases, including securities fraud, bank fraud, honest services fraud, money laundering, FARA violations, FBAR violations, antitrust, and every variety of tax offense.  Ketcham PLLC represents witnesses, subjects, and targets of government investigations and effectively advocates with prosecutors and before courts for clients charged with crimes.  Often, the government declines to prosecute but, when a prosecution has been brought, Ketcham PLLC has achieved tremendous results, often helping the client avoid a prison term and, to date, always achieving a result substantially below the federal sentencing guidelines range.

Mr. Ketcham also has significant experience working on internal investigations, ranging from purported corporate malfeasance, to suspected procurement fraud, to alleged sexual misconduct in the workplace.  Mr. Ketcham knows how to dig deep into the relevant documents and ask witnesses the key questions.  For larger investigations, Ketcham PLLC has the ability to quickly assemble a seasoned team of attorneys, forensic accountants, and other professionals to investigate matters quietly and efficiently, and, in all matters—no matter the size—to report findings and recommendations objectively and confidentially. 


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