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"Brian really saved me.  As a lawyer myself that became a target of a federal investigation and I was amazed by Brian's ability to understand the nuances and moreover by his ability to talk through the issues with the prosecutors and agents.  I was never charged." 

AM (EDNY 2018).

Mr. Ketcham has been involved in the representation of individuals investigated by the government and charged with nearly every variety of white collar and tax crime.  Most notably, Mr. Ketcham represented Paul Manafort as a member of the trial team in the Eastern District of Virginia and lead brief writer for pretrial motion practice.  He was also the lead brief writer of sentencing memoranda in both the Virginia and the District of Columbia cases.  Mr. Ketcham has also represented corporate executives and a sports agent in honest services wire fraud cases; accountants charged with preparing false tax returns for clients; an attorney investigated for structuring financial transactions; an individual charged in three separate federal jurisdictions with money laundering and bank fraud; numerous individuals investigated and/or charged with offenses related to unreported offshore assets; an attorney investigated for his role in an alleged Ponzi scheme; a real estate professional charged with tax evasion; a prominent businessman charged with check kiting bank fraud; numerous individuals in internal and government investigations; numerous individuals facing sensitive “eggshell” audits; and hundreds of taxpayers who have made voluntary disclosures to the IRS and NYS Tax to clear up past reporting violations.

"Brian did my voluntary disclosure, which was complicated, but he was a pro from start to finish and I got a very good result.  He's the guy that'll meet you on weekends and give you his cell number -- that's rare in NYC." 

JC (EDNY 2019)

"If I didn't find Mr. K I would have gone to prison.  Instead, I learned a hard lesson and paid a fine, but I was able to stay with my family.  He is the best of the best." 

DV (SDNY 2020)

In criminal cases, Mr. Ketcham's steadfast goal is always to try and convince the government to not bring a charge against his client or, where possible, to resolve an investigation with a civil penalty.  When the government does bring a prosecution, Mr. Ketcham is a tireless advocate in court.  In all cases where a client has been criminally charged, the client has ultimately received a sentence of a probation or a period of imprisonment vastly below the low-end of the federal sentencing guideline range.  Mr. Ketcham works just as hard in civil cases and audits,  bringing a creative problem solving approach to persuade adversaries  to work towards a resolution acceptable to the client.  

"Brian is salt of the earth and will get you through the tough times." 

AD (SDNY 2019).  


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