Sentencing Advocacy


Mr. Ketcham has been involved in a significant number of high-stakes federal sentencing.  For example, Mr. Ketcham represented a businessman charged with bank fraud in the Eastern District of NY and who faced sentencing guidelines of 97-121 months in federal prison yet received probation; an accountant convicted in the Eastern District of NY of helping clients file false returns who faced 18-24 months yet received probation; a corporate executive charged in the Southern District of NY with wire fraud and bribery who received a probationary sentence; a CEO convicted after trial in the Southern District of NY of honest services wire fraud who faced 97-121 month yet received a sentence of one year and one day (i.e., approximately nine months' imprisonment); a disbarred attorney convicted in the Southern District of NY of failure to report foreign bank accounts who faced 30-37 months yet received a sentence of six weeks; and a prominent restaurateur convicted in the Eastern District of NY of tax offenses who faced 18-24 months yet received probation. 

Even in rare cases where a client receives a prison term, Mr. Ketcham's experience and knowledge of the federal system usually results in designation to a facility where the client can serve prison time without fear of personal harm and can often better himself or herself through programs offered by the institution, such as, for example, the “500 hour” treatment program. 

Mr. Ketcham is intensely passionate about sentencing advocacy and empathizes deeply with clients facing the loss of their liberty and their families.  Mr. Ketcham also understands that very few white-collar offenders ever imagined that they would face this unique challenge; circumstances sometimes spin away from one's control and small mistakes can sometimes lead to grave legal consequences.  This office is a no judgment zone and we will help.  Mr. Ketcham has spoken about sentencing issues at numerous practitioner conferences, is often sought out by other defense attorneys for advice about the federal sentencing guidelines and related issues, and is frequently brought into a case at the sentencing phase to develop strategy, meet with the probation department, coordinate with the client's family and supporters, respond to the presentence investigation report, prepare the sentencing brief, and advocate at the sentencing hearing. 

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