Voluntary Disclosures: Domestic | Foreign | Cryptocurrency


Mr. Ketcham has helped literally hundreds of taxpayers get ahead of potential audit problems by filing domestic and foreign voluntary disclosures to the IRS to self-report issues related to prior tax years.  In addition to helping taxpayers with domestic tax issues, such as non-filing, underreporting of income, worker misclassification and payroll taxes, Mr. Ketcham handled well over 100 cases submitted to the IRS pursuant to the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).  More recently, Mr. Ketcham has submitted applications on behalf of many clients pursuant to the IRS's Streamlined Offshore Filing Procedures for both U.S. residents and non-residents.  Mr. Ketcham also has extensive experience helping clients with offshore assets come into reporting compliance using the IRS's delinquent Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) and International Information Return (e.g., Forms 5471, 8938, 3520, etc.) submission procedures. 

In state tax matters, Mr. Ketcham has represented clients in connection with voluntary disclosure programs offered by New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and California.  

Mr. Ketcham also has a detailed understanding of the IRS's new domestic voluntary disclosure protocols for reporting virtual (i.e., crypto) currency transactions.  

A voluntary disclosure offers taxpayers an opportunity to get right by the IRS, often pay substantially reduced penalties, and enjoy peace of mind that an audit letter will not appear in the mailbox because the government will interface only with Ketcham PLLC, not the client. 

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