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Post-Sentencing Advocacy


Mr. Ketcham has experience seeking compassionate release for federal inmates who are elderly, suffering from illness, or otherwise present compelling or extraordinary reasons for immediate release from custody under the First Step Act. Mr. Ketcham will generally coordinate with a client's medical professions to develop persuasive grounds why release is appropriate and will first make a request to the warden of the facility and other prison officials asking that his client be released and, if the prison fails to timely respond or denies the request for release, Mr. Ketcham will seek relief from the courts.

Mr. Ketcham also has experience with the CARES Act provisions recently enacted by Congress to protect vulnerable inmates from the Covid-19 pandemic and has persuades prison officials to release individuals from prison and allow them to serve the remainder of their sentence on home confinement.

Lastly, Mr. Ketcham has helped clients who are not-U.S. citizens file applications with the International Prisoner Transfer Unit (IPTU) of the Department of Justice's Office of International Affairs requesting that they be transferred to their home countries to complete their sentence.  


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